The Signature Velvet Box


We believe that magical jewelry deserves magical packaging. Each Poppy Angeloff ring arrives in a custom two-tone velvet box to protect and store your treasure. Our jewel boxes are inspired by vintage hatboxes which fancy ladies kept their fancy headwear in. Each jewel box is meticulously hand-crafted out of silky, luxurious velvet that practically glistens in the sun! (Your ring might get a little jealous.)

Quality velvets are often made with silk fibers (produced by silk worms), but rest assured! Our jewel boxes are completely cruelty-free. We save thousands of silk worms by investing in high quality vegan velvets instead, so you can rock your rocks guilt-free!

Each jewel box stands 1 3/8" tall and 1 3/4" long (35mm tall, 45mm long).

The Silver-of-Gold Gift Box


Jewel boxes are housed within a gold gift box, to make doubly sure your precious goods get to you safely. We call them 'slivers of gold' because the shining golden foil makes them look like something that belongs in a treasury. Opulent in appearance, our outer boxes are made from environmentally-friendly recycled paper.

Just like our rings, our jewel boxes are little pieces of art in and of themselves. Not only do they make luscious resting cushions for your jewels, they photograph amazing too! We'd love to see your photos of our rings -- hashtag #poppyangeloff on Instagram for a chance to get featured.