Doe & Kat


The tale of two sisters with small hands & a big vision

Once upon a time, there lived two sisters of petite stature who loved whimsical jewelry. Doe standing at 5'2" and Kat at 4'11", they both wished for delicate rings to flatter their delicate hands. Alas, everything they tried on looked bulky, bland and painfully the same. What happened to the eye-popping jewels that sparkled on their Easter European grandmothers' fingers? Most importantly, what happened to the secrets and craftsmanship of that time?

We're Doe & Kat, the sisters behind Poppy Angeloff neo-Victorian jewelry. We love creating little luxuries that help women boost their confidence. Creativity and entrepreneurship runs in our blood: Doe Deere is known for starting Lime Crime, a groundbreaking 'makeup brand for unicorns'; while Kat Dey founded a successful subscription box of international delicacies, Try The World.

In a world filled with disposable accessories, our dream was to create heirloom quality jewelry one can gift, cherish, and pass down to further generations. No waste - just everlasting beauty! Isn't that wonderful? That's why we're committed to use only the highest quality solid gold & sterling silver, adorned with real gemstones so you never have to worry about it fading, rubbing off or turning your skin icky colors! (See our Pinkie Promise.) All pieces you'll find on here are designed by us and lovingly hand-crafted to bring you the exquisite fine jewelry experience.

As we say around here, "rings are like butterflies for your hands." So let your mind flutter as you explore our colorful world of gem-studded wonders!