THE GOLD BARBARELLA (slightly imperfect)
THE GOLD BARBARELLA (slightly imperfect)

THE GOLD BARBARELLA (slightly imperfect)

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Only 1 available! Size 6-6.5.

This ring has a slight indentation on the surface of the stone, otherwise in brand new condition.

The Barbarella Ring is inspired by the Queen of Galaxy herself!.Centerstage sits a rare, vintage space opal cabochon that is simply out of this world. Dimensional, spaceship-blue in the base, this baby flashes iridescent flecks of gold, peach and green embedded within! Freshwater pearls and Victorian-style setting complete the ensemble.

Barbarella is a 1968 science fiction film starring Jane Fonda. The film gained cult status due to its salacious (for the time) scenes and provocative futuristic costumes, making Jane Fonda a universal sex symbol. Today, it's considered a classic of kitsch cinematography. Fun Fact #1: Bomb shells Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren were both considered for the role. Fun Fact #2: Ariana Grande, who is famously influenced by retro sci-fi, referenced the opening "0 gravity" scene from Barbarella in her music video Break Free.

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