LORELEI (10-10.5)
LORELEI (10-10.5)
LORELEI (10-10.5)
LORELEI (10-10.5)

LORELEI (10-10.5)

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One of a kind ring from my personal collection! Real conch shell has been filled for sturdiness, then dipped in iridescent coating and secured in sterling silver setting. Isn't she just fabulous?! There is some mild wear on the surface of the shell, but it doesn't detract from its glory as it's still as sparkly and magical as ever. Truly unique piece you won't find anywhere else!

1x1x0.75". Fits size 10-10.5 best. Titanium-coated solid sterling silver.

Opal is the birthstone for the month of October; garnet for January; emerald for May.



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