MADONNA (8.5-9)
MADONNA (8.5-9)
MADONNA (8.5-9)
MADONNA (8.5-9)

MADONNA (8.5-9)

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Divine one-of-a-kind statement ring fit for royalty. At its heart is mystic topaz: the stone with the ability to display multiple colors at once, from purple to green to orange to pink! Particularly brilliant cut with extra facets allows this baby to shine like you've never seen before. In additions, there's endless tanzanites and white quartz all around. Top part is plated in gold, the band in silver. Super unique and fit for heavenly royalty!

24x23mm. Fits size 8.5-9 best. 14k gold and sterling silver over brass.

RTopaz uby is the birthstone for the month of July; turquoise for December.



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