Our Jewelry


It's true: our jewelry is not for everyone. But if you've got the flair for all things whimsical, fun & slightly peculiar - you've come to the right place.

In our world, jewelry tells a story, inspires conversations & often has a secret meaning. Packaging and presentation are as bombastic as what's nesting inside, and doing it all in an ethical, kind manner is just a cherry on top!

It all started with The Pansya symbol of being one-of-a-kind & unforgettable.  You'll find this delicate yet majestic flower on everything we make. The name Poppy Angeloff comes from an imaginary girl who, as we dreamed, wears & collects our jewels. As for our customers, they come from all over the world, share the love of beautiful things, and are lovingly called angelettes!


We want you to feel nothing short of amazing in our creations. That's why our jewelry radiates positive energy from the start! We pinkie-promise that:

  • Our pieces are made from the finest materials we can find.
  • Our Gold-Dipped jewelry is twice the standard industry thickness for superior wear. 
  • We produce everything in an ethical, sustainable manner.
  • Our pieces are designed & made in Los Angeles, CA.
  • We use natural & cultivated stones in our jewelry. Cultivated stones are grown to perfection over the course of many months, while our natural stones are conflict-free and ethically sourced from vendors we know and trust.
  • We treasure all forms of life and invest in vegan velvets for our signature jewel boxes. Our sliver-of-gold gift box and shipping boxes are made out of recycled paper, so you can rock your rocks guilt-free.

Thanks for checking in & enjoy our mini universe!