Dear Angelettes,

It's an honor to have you with me at the beginning of this new journey. For the past decade, you've known me as the creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics - the makeup line for unicorns. Armed with vibrant lipsticks and eyeshadows, together we've built a community where everyone is encouraged to be themselves and express their creativity unapologetically!

Last fall, I felt the wave of inspiration strike once again. Fueled by my unwavering passion for color & design (as well as a rebellious habit for doing the opposite of what's "in"), I came up with the idea of POPPY ANGELOFF: jewelry for Victorian girls living in a modern world. The idea sparked in my brain when my sister and I were admiring vintage gemstone earrings and rings passed on to us from our grandmother. What happened to the vibrant colors and craftsmanship of that time?, I thought. Little did I know, it was the beginning of my journey into the world of gemstones and ways to wear them.

Since then, I'd spent countless hours learning about jewelry, its history, meaning and symbolism. Attending antique jewelry shows lead me to conclude that my favorite jewelry period is 1837-1901 (Victorian): sweet, innocent, and oh so colorful! Of course, Victorian era has always been a massive influence on my personal dress style and home decor. It didn't take long for my books to fill up with sketches of my own designs - particularly rings, which I consider the most important & symbolic of all jewelry. Gemstone rings became my focus as the most fun to design and wear. Somewhere along the way, I learned to tell gems apart and became a self-taught gemologist too (or really, just a girl utterly obsessed with sparkly stones?).

I like to think of Poppy Angeloff as the next step in my evolution as an artist, entrepreneur, and a human. After having my daughter, I began thinking about the world I'm going to leave behind for Lorelei. I've always marveled at the level of thought, detail & craftsmanship that went into the pieces in my antique ring collection; it seems things back then were built to last, worn for a lifetime, and passed on proudly from generation to generation as family jewels. In today's culture dominated by fast fashion this tradition is all but gone. Jewelry is mass-produced with the intention of being worn for a flash, then discarded before it loses its luster, discolors or breaks, never making it past the original owner.

I believe there is a better way. For us and the planet. My mission is to produce the no-corners-cut, heirloom-quality jewelry we can all love, enjoy, collect and pass down the line as part of our legacy!


Doe Deere
AKA the Unicorn Queen

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