It is with a heavy heart that I announce that after 6 years in business, our store will be closing its doors for good. It was a difficult decision to make, one I was going back and forth on for months. But the truth is that I'm in a much different place now than when I'd first started; and the world has changed too. I'm a mom now, I'm 43, and what I wanted to say through the brand had been extensively explored & expressed. I'm ready to pass the torch!
Just like my other brand, Lime Crime, Poppy Angeloff was born and raised on the internet. My husband was behind me from the start; within the first year we were lucky enough to bring in our friend Dennis (you all know and love him from Customer Care), then another friend, then another. Together we saw the launch of the original Pansy Rings, the fashion & accessories drop, and the wild success of the porcelain line. I feel immense gratitude and love towards my team - and of course, we couldn't have done any of it without YOU! From the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
As a gesture of our gratitude, all remaining stock is on clearance at super low prices starting immediately.
 - Doe Deere, Founder & Designer
P.S. What's next? My heart is still in fashion - only this time around, I'm not selling you anything! Instead, I'm GIVING BACK by teaching you how to live your life more (color)fully by putting a creative spin on your clothes. My new styling project is called Duchess Von Bonkers and I post short-form inspirational videos of outfits based on cool things such as the circus, cartoon characters, vegetables, & more etc. You can follow DVB here.


Poppy Angeloff was born online in 2018, as the brainchild of the product designer Doe Deere. The name comes from a combination of 3 words: poppy (cheerful, perky) + angel + love: together, they make a perfect name for our whimsical products!

Our logo features a gleaming golden pansy - a symbol of being unique and unforgettable. Here at Poppy Angeloff, we celebrate the eccentric and encourage everyone to be their most elevated & flamboyant self, every day! We welcome you to our circle as we change the world together into a more positive, happy place -one teacup at a time.