ROCKY TEACUP & SAUCER (mix-&-match)
ROCKY TEACUP & SAUCER (mix-&-match)
ROCKY TEACUP & SAUCER (mix-&-match)

ROCKY TEACUP & SAUCER (mix-&-match)

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Mix-&-match set. You will receive the red Rocky teacup with a saucer of a random color. Original box.

Burgundy red teacup featuring a fluffy grey-black dog with a blue bow. This teacup represents dog breeds such as the schnauzer and the Scottish terrier aka Scottie dog. Rocky is pictured in a pearly frame surrounded by luscious bouquets of lily-of-the-valley. 24K gold handle and accents. Each teacup arrives in a glossy presentation box.


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Our tea sets are made out of high quality fine porcelain and hand-painted with real 24k gold, so you can enjoy your favorite beverage in style.

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