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Inspired by the mystical fairy lights, this necklace is made in the rivière style and features a stream of pastel crystals of etherial beauty. Hand-picked them for their uncanny resemblance to natural gems - rose quartz, aquamarine, amethyst, apatite and lemon quartz. Each stone has been masterfully faceted for high brilliance and placed in an open-back setting, so they practically glow!

Necklace has a claw clasp and comes with a 3.5" extension chain, ending with a pansy-branded heart charm. Arrives in a pansy-branded velvet storage box.

 Will-o'-the-wisp: the mythology

For thousands of years, people all over the world have reported seeing colorful floating balls of light near swamps, bogs or marshes. They are called will-o'-the-wisp. In some legends, the will-o'-the-wisp initially appear harmless or even playful, but are really malevolent & lure travelers off the beaten path and into danger. Other stories told that these lights could reveal the spot where a leprechaun has buried treasure. Stills others claim that they lead to the fairy kingdom.

Today's science spills the light on the phenomenon - and it just may have been based in science all along. There are certain bioluminescent mushrooms and algae commonly found in marshy areas, which can produce a bluish light under certain conditions. More likely, however, it's swamp gas - as plants decompose, they releases methane which can spontaneously combust once it comes in contact with air. Thus the burning orbs floating above the marsh!

Rivière necklace

[French: river] A necklace characterized by same-size stones or stones graduating smoothly in size. It's usually designed without excessive ornamentation to keep the focus on the stones. Rivière necklaces became popular during the Georgian Period, 1714 – 1837, and were all the rage in the late Victorian era, 1880 – 1900. Enjoy our modern take on this timeless classic!


"I love Will-o-the-wisp. It really does look like authentic gemstones, at a fraction of the price!" - Zoey P.F.

"My favorite out of the four. Pictures do this necklace no justice, it's much shinier and prettier in person." - Raya T.

"Incredibly beautiful. These pastel stones are everything." - Terry V.

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